What is Traffic Lab?

Traffic Lab is an experimental project launched by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications to promote a market in intelligent transport services. The official name of this project, which will conclude at the end of 2015, is Electronic Transport Services. Other Traffic Lab stakeholders, or the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes and the City of Helsinki, will work together with other ministries, companies and transport sector organisations.

Cooperation of public and private actors

The project will be implemented by a group of transport sector companies together with public authorities. While the companies can apply for Tekes funding to support their product development, the government will not fund them directly or commission projects from them.

Open interfaces

The project will be based on open interfaces, and it will be technology neutral. All types of device and service packages can be developed and exploited in Traffic Lab.

Transport as a service

In the future, transport will be a service provided by companies and facilitated by the authorities. Transport sector services will be available to help us get around and make wise decisions about transport. ICT will be used to enhance the integration of road traffic as part of a smart environment and the entire transport system. Drivers and other road users can access traffic and weather updates, information that improves traffic safety and details of the available services.

Transport is a future growth sector and a springboard for products and success stories!

TrafficLab (Pdf file)