Traffic Lab

Finland is a traffic lab

The goal of Finland is to be the best place in the world to develop and test digital transport services. The goal is to enable the creation of an ecosystem of digital mobility services. In other words, to use Finland as a test field for digital and innovative services of traffic and logistics – Finland is a traffic lab.

Emphasis on experiments

The Traffic Lab’s priorities include new service concepts for mobility, traffic automatisation, the Internet of Things, as well as pilots that are strategically significant to trade and industry, companies and regions.

In addition, an EU dimension to the Traffic Lab comes from NordicWay that focusses on testing communications between vehicles and between a vehicle and the infrastructure. The Growth Corridor Finland network is also involved, and its goal is to be the enabler for Mobility as a Service type of experiments.

Aiming for the global market

The goal of the Traffic Lab is to be a channel for internationally launching services, and to promote export in cooperation with Tekes, Finpro and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Moreover, the Traffic Lab offers companies support e.g. in the legal jungle, in matters concerning consumer and data protection, in commercialisation and in communications. At the same time, those norm obstacles that are in the way of digital-based traffic market are being actively mapped.

The goal is that the service consumers’ views would be better discovered via different channels when preparing and deciding on the norms.

International Finland-window

The Traffic Lab opens a door to the world and also to Finland.

The goal is that abroad Finland will be known as a place where one should come when they want to try out the solutions of traffic digitalisation. The Traffic Lab is also a place for international actors where domestic and foreign companies can network and apply for support from the public sector actors.