Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Finland aims to increase the share of sustainable modes of mobility. New, innovative mobility services will enable the situation where a private car is an absolute necessity for less and less people.

However, the public transport services alone cannot meet the changing demands. The goal is that digital-based public and private mobility services reduce private car use in a way that a consumer’s service level does not fall – quite the opposite.

In the future, different transport modes and services will be widely interoperable. The transport sector is seen as an ecosystem based on different actors’ close cooperation and on information utilisation. It consists of transport infrastructure, transportation services and transport information, ICT and payment services.

In the transport system of the future, the users participate actively in the planning of the system. This is also the goal of the Traffic Lab. The consumer is the service user and has the best expertise on his or her service needs.

The Traffic Lab acts as an enabler in refining this knowledge, and the private companies play the role of innovators and developers.

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