Research and Results

VTT Technical Research Finland’s research on citizens’ attitude towards kilometre-based tax

As part of the Traffic Lab pilot project, VTT Technical Research Finland has studied the effects of kilometre-based tax to mobility. The research looked into Finnish habits relating to mobility and into the effects a kilometre-based tax would have on them. The research was funded by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes, the Finnish Transport Agency, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The research compared the current practice with a situation where both the car tax and the vehicle tax would be replaced with a kilometre-based tax. The research was carried out in form of an Internet questionnaire, and there were 1,034 Finnish respondents.

The results show that 41% of the respondents would choose the kilometre-based tax and 30% would stay in the current system. 28% of the respondents could not choose between the options. The respondents supporting kilometre-based taxation considered it to be especially positive that the new payment system would support the purchase of a new car with the abolition of the car tax.

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Traffic data visionary models

The Traffic Lab commissioned a report on the new possibilities of traffic data utilisation in the 2020s from Risto Linturi and Ossi Kuittinen.

The report contains a great number of innovative openings. The work applies the Radical Innovations Triangle method.

The report describes e.g. existing and possible forthcoming technological possibilities in provisioning traffic-related information. In addition, it introduces those parties that substantially benefit from this information.

The report puts forward twelve actor-based visionary models to utilise traffic data.

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