MaaS service data inventory by Growth Corridor Finland nearly finished

MaaS service data inventory by Growth Corridor Finland nearly finished

Sufficiently high-quality digital resources will be needed for developing various transport services. Also, high-quality and up-to-date service interfaces will be needed for integrating information and services as a part of transport services.

Growth Corridor Finland reviewed what information resources there are and how they are available in the Growth Corridor between Helsinki, Hämeenlinna, and Tampere. The review was used to inventory the relevant data that supports the development of transport services.

Information resources and services were classified into urgency groups based on their significance in the development of mobility services. Based on these groupings, recommendations were made on how digital preparedness should be developed in the future. The work is focused on passenger transport, but the integration of goods transport to personal transport chains will be a significant factor of creating transport services.

In the Growth Corridor, the state of digital information and services is fairly good, especially in the basic transport structure. Nevertheless, the review revealed many aspects that need to be improved so that more versatile transport service solutions will be possible in the future.

The review shows that development projects with information resource and service aspects, which have started or are about to start, bring information infrastructure and information interfaces to a level that enable much more advanced transport services than the current ones. However, it is important to make sure that the results are exploitable.

Another positive aspect is that the change in creating transport services also promotes the generation of new, innovative services. In the future, there will likely be versatile service packages that facilitate transport and everyday life.

Service creation does not always need to involve large entities. The availability of information resources and services enables services that are directed for an individual need or to a single region. This is why progress should be active through experimentation instead of waiting for all necessary information and services to be available.

For their own part, Growth Corridor Finland must see to that information resources and services are provided to innovative service creation in the market. Recommendations presented through work should take priority as decisions on the development of transport are made regarding the Growth Corridor Finland.

The creation of transport services should also be promoted so that information is presented more uniformly in e.g. municipalities. In addition, an information and service directory needs to be made for the whole Growth Corridor. With these implementations, it is also important to allocate sufficient resources for updating the information.

– We are currently considering where the data will be collected so that it will be easy to use. Also, I want to emphasise that the results of the review are public, and they are now available for all enterprises and application developers in the field, reports Growth Corridor network Project Manager Anna-Mari Ahonen.